Mona Lisa

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Set in London's sleazy criminal underworld, small-time criminal George (Bob Hoskins) is as an ex-con reduced to chauffeuring West End call girl Simone. Michael Caine is the vice-king Mortwell, who employs George to drive Simone around to expensive hotels to visit her clients. George finds himself falling in love with his passenger, and together they search the grubby underworld for her young hooker friend Cathy. When George finds Cathy he discovers that Simone and Cathy are lovers, and whilst walking on the pier voicing his anger to Simone is confronted by Anderson and two henchman seeking Cathy. George and Simone evade their pursuers and return to their hotel room, only to find Mortwell waiting for them. Simone produces a gun and proceeds to shoot both Mortwell and Anderson, with his romantic illusions shattered, George leaves the scene to rebuild his life with his family.
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